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More about Dragons---Chinese Dragon culture

 No one exactly knows where Chinese dragons came from. Unlike European dragons, they are worshipped as gods and are an integral part of Chinese culture. Dragons have the power to control rainfall and bring prosperity and good fortune. Temples to dragons are found near water because it is thought most dragons live in water. Chinese Emperors can trace their lineage back to descendants of dragons. So they sleep in dragon beds, sit on a dragon seat and wear ceremonial dragon robes. Dragons are described as being made up from parts of nine other animals. These are believed to be:

The head of a camel. The horns of a deer. The eyes of a devil. The neck of a snake. The abdomen of a clam. The scales of a carp. The claws of an eagle. The paws of a tiger. The ears of an ox.

Traditional Chinese Dragon Kites

The traditional Chinese Dragon kite is a wonderfully collectible and flyable piece of art
 The detail and craftsmanship of these kites is almost unimaginable. Each head is hand crafted from split bamboo, shaped over an open flame, and then covered with raw silk. The silk is then painted in the traditional motif made famous in Weifang, the center of kiting in China.
The body of the dragon consists of flat cells, each individually painted and supported by a feather-tipped bamboo balance rod.
The amazing part is how well they fly. Each cell provides lift so that the combined power dozens of cells creates an undulating train in the sky. You can actually hold the head in your hand while the body supports it, or launch the entire creation into the air. And of course, you can also display your Chinese treasure indoors. 

super chinese dragon kites 30 metre chinese dragon kites
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chinese dragon kites chinese dragon kites
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white chinese dragon kites
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梁山好汉 龙凤呈祥
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112 metre chinese dragon kites
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Chinese Dragon kite A beauty to fly or hang on your wallHow to fly a dragon kite

NAME: Dragon
MATERIAL: Bamboo.Mousseline.handworked Brushwork
Optional Hue: Red. Blove. Yellow ,pink

NO. 1000-5
SPREAD SIZE: Ф2"×118" ( Disk diameterФ0.05M×long 3M )
Packaging SIZE: 4"×4"×11" ( 0.09M×0.09M×0.28M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-4
Size of carton: 0.50M×0.40M×0.35M
20pcs per

NO. 1000-8
SPREAD SIZE: Ф3"×236" ( Disk diameterФ0.08M×long6M )
Packaging SIZE: 5"×5"×15" ( 0.14M×0.14M×0.38M )
WIND POWER: Degree3-4
Size of carton: 0.54M×0.45M×0.40M
6pcs per

NO. 1000-10
SPREAD SIZE: Ф4"×354" ( Ф0.10M×9M )
Packaging SIZE: 8"×8"×19" ( 0.20M×0.20M×0.48M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-5
Size of carton: 0.50M×0.40M×0.50M
4pcs per

NO. 1000-15 SPREAD SIZE: Ф6"×590" ( Ф0.15M×15M ) Packaging SIZE: 12"×12"×27" ( 0.30M×0.30M×0.60M )
WIND POWER: Degree 2-5
Size of carton: 0.70M×0.60M×0.60M
4pcs per

NO. 1000-20
SPREAD SIZE: Ф8"×1260" ( Ф0.20M×32M )
Packaging SIZE: 16"×16"×35" ( 0.4M×0.4M×0.88M )
WIND POWER:Degree 3-5
Size of carton: 0.85M×0.40M×0.35M
1pcs per

NO. 1000-25 SPREAD SIZE: Ф10"×1575" ( Ф0.25M×40M ) Packaging SIZE: 20"×20"×43" ( 0.50M×0.50M×1.10M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-5
Size of carton: 0.95M×0.60M×0.55M
1pcs per

NO. 1000-30
SPREAD SIZE: Ф12"×1969" ( Ф0.30M×50M )
Packaging SIZE: 24"×24"×51" ( 0.60M×0.60M×1.30M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-5

NO. 1000-35
SPREAD SIZE: Ф14"×2205" ( Ф0.35M×56M )
Packaging SIZE: 28"×28"×59" ( 0.70M×0.70M×1.50M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-5

NO. 1000-40
SPREAD SIZE: Ф16"×2559" ( Ф0.40M×65M )
Packaging SIZE: 31"×31"×71" ( 0.80M×0.80M×1.8M )
WIND POWER: Degree3-5

NO. 1000-50
SPREAD SIZE: Ф20"×3150" ( Ф0.50M×80M )
Packaging SIZE: 39"×39"×87" ( 1M×1M×2.2M )
WIND POWER: Degree 3-5

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